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1146 Canton St
Roswell, GA, 30075
United States


Brilliant is a whole new jewelry experience. We specialize in designing and creating exceptional custom jewelry within your budget. We love making special pieces using sentimental, family gems or selecting a diamond or gemstone that is just right for you!

Brilliant has fantastic jewelry gifts too! Bridesmaid's jewelry, children's jewelry, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts. You name it. We do it! Different. Interesting. Tasteful. Personal. 

If you're local in Roswell or nearby in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, East Cobb, Marietta, Johns Creek, Milton, Cumming, Smyrna or Kennesaw, stop by and get to know us at our casual and friendly studio on Canton Street in downtown Roswell, Georgia. Out of towners, get in touch to find out why we do so much work for people just like you all over the country!


Hollie + Alex

Whenever it comes to ring buying, as a guy you can sometimes feel so overwhelmed about the entire process of really finding the perfect person to design/custom make the “perfect” ring. Let me tell you one thing I learned.  Purchasing the perfect ring isn’t just about finding the ring itself.  It’s about the person you feel most comfortable with designing/making it and know that you can trust.  At first I had no clue what Hollie really wanted when it came to a ring so I did what any guy typically does.  I started shopping everywhere.  You name the store, I probably either went there or at least looked at their website and have spent hours browsing page after page.  You go to so many chain stores where you walk inside and have a million options to choose from, you have a person you have no personal connection with, and worst of all you’re being pressed to buy now and don’t walk away or you’ll lose out on that perfect ring that she’s just going to “love so much”. 


The selection process became SO difficult for me because not only was a faced with many options but I was living seven state away from my fiancé who was working/living in Dallas, TX.  We’ve spent the past several years traveling every other weekend to see each other and on top of that both of us are working 50+ hours a week while also working towards our Masters degrees.  At times Hollie and I were looking at rings in Dallas, Atlanta and even other cities we were traveling to just for me to get an idea of what she was really looking for and what she truly liked.  After looking at nearly 7-8 different stores I started to realize that there was still something wrong in how I felt about the process and more so about what I was finding when it came to the options that were out there. 


So I started doing my homework on local ring stores and tried to focus my attention on which jeweler might be somewhat close to where I lived here in Atlanta that had incredible reviews when it came to designing custom engagement rings.  Every review I saw on Brilliant Atlanta really stood out to me and I just so happened to remember seeing the store several times whenever I was on Canton St. visiting with friends or going out to dinner so I decided to give Jamie a call.  During our first conversation Jamie took the time to ask me a few general/basic questions and after the first 10 minutes he could tell that I really had already done a lot of my homework.  His advice, go home, write it out on paper and collect your thoughts on what you like and more importantly what you think Hollie will like and try to form your price point based around what works for you financially (while being on a budget). 


Jamie got back to me a few days later and already had options for me to come into the store and look at immediately.  He worked around my crazy work schedule and day one whenever I came in I felt like his process and more so his experience really showed.  You have to imagine this…. You spent months looking at probably 3000 different ring options, it took Jamie 15 minutes to help me select and decide what type of center stone I wanted for the ring.  I was blown away and the process in itself was so perfect because I finally left a ring store for the first time in my life happy and excited about the process and what came next with designing the band.  Jamie took the time to draw out several ring designs and we were able to make several revisions without me even having to come into the store which was incredible because at the time I was only in Atlanta a few days a month and coming and going constantly because of work.  More than anything I didn’t feel pressured during the process and I felt like he really cared about my story and making it the perfect experience for me.  He was able to design the ring on a tight turnaround because I had the engagement plans already underway and had family coming from all over the U.S. to be there for our special day.  The ring turned out perfect, everyone I showed the ring to before the special day was blown away by the design and craftsmanship that went into the ring.  More than anything I feel like I gained a friend and someone I could trust and respect and come back to in the future. 


Guys, it’s never easy with finding the perfect ring and trust me when I say I know how stressful it can be when going through this process and trying to select the right place to go.  If you’re looking for someone that you can trust and someone that knows the industry well and really delivers on what they say, go to Jamie.  You won’t leave unhappy, you won’t feel pressured to buy or feel the pit in your stomach telling you to hurry up and walk out the door, and you won’t feel as overwhelmed as you did before when it comes to the process of buying that perfect ring.  I can honestly say Hollie’s eyes lit up whenever she saw her engagement ring for the first time and she’s made sure to tell me daily how happy she is with the ring and how many comments she gets from her friends/family/or even complete strangers J.  I will definitely use Jamie again and can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to his craft.